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I'm Dolan ~ This Is My Story!

Hi everyone. My name is Dolan and I was rescued from the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR). My life started off terrible. I was thrown off a moving truck onto a busy highway and then taken to the pound. Finally MAGSR found me and helped my body heal. Then this very sad volunteer came to the kennel. She had just lost her dog and was there to “just look.” Well, we saw each other, and I picked her to rescue.  

When I got to my forever home, I was a little sick and my new Mom took me to the Vet. He made me better, but he also made a startling discovery. I have a bullet in my chest and a cigarette burn on my nose. (This does not take away from my good looks!) Now don’t worry, everything is okay. The bullet can’t move. I gained 35 pounds and now am living “the good life.”
My Mom’s name is Rosemary, and she has allowed me to have my own space on the Market’s Site.  I want to share something dear to me, which is information on some of my friends who are still at MAGSR.  Please visit their site and show support any way that you can.  Sometimes when I come across a great leash or special (all natural) cookies, I will also share here.  I'm hoping that by offering them to you that I can send some of the proceeds to Sammy’s Place at MAGSR.  So every once in a while check in with me. 

Finally, the best news!!  I come to the Market on occasion.  I will let you know when I will be there, and we can meet.  See you soon!
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